If you’re unsure if the goods are faulty, please contact customer service, our team may be able to resolve your issue.

Every product comes with a different manufacturer warranty duration, these warranty durations are strictly enforced on Compurig Tech by our suppliers and we are obliged to pass on this enforcement. We strongly recommend contacting Compurig Tech as soon as you establish you have a faulty product.

Components & Computers

If you purchased individual components to build a computer yourself it is your responsibility to diagnose which component is faulty and return the faulty component after first contacting us.

Goods Damaged Prior to Delivery / Incorrect Goods Delivered

If you’re receiving your goods via courier/delivery and they are damaged during transit you have 14 days after confirmed delivery to report any damage, incorrect items or shortages in the order. Due to insurance requirements, after those fourteen days have passed we may not be able to assist.

Damage and Modification of Goods

There is no warranty on components or computer systems that have been damaged, used for uses outside its intended purpose, beyond its recommended parameters or specifications or modified where that modification has the potential to affect the performance or reliability of the product or impedes on the integrity of the product or where warranty seals have been breached.

Faulty products where you are not the original purchaser

The warranty provided by Compurig Tech with our products is part of the contract of sale between Compurig Tech and the original purchaser. If you have a faulty product which you purchased from a person or business other than Compurig Tech, you do not have a warranty with Compurig Tech for those products, you must return your faulty product to the person or business you purchased it from. They, in turn, can return the product to Compurig Tech. Alternatively, many manufacturers will accept your return directly, negating the need to deal with the person or business you purchased the product from or Compurig Tech.